GAIA node administration tasks

Updating data availability

The cronjobs will automatically update the data availability tables, but, for the inpatient administrator, the update can be performed manually.

In the master node:

Assuming new data has been created, for example, for project alis and for the year 2008, run the following command (as the user gaia):

/var/www/gaia/svn/trunk/public_html/inc/update_data_availability.php -p alis -d 2008
Handy options are "-c" for channel and "-s" for station.

Create a new database dump for the slave nodes to download:

/var/www/gaia/svn/trunk/public_html/inc/update_database.php -v

In the slave node(s):

The data availability needs to be updated in the slave node(s):

/var/www/gaia/svn/trunk/public_html/inc/update_database.php -v

Master database maintenance

Additions and updates

The database tables are fully commented. Adding and modifying the contents is most easily performed with pgadmin3 and its graphical user interface.

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