GAIA Meeting 2007-03-13


Actions since last progress meeting
  • THEMIS launched!
  • The DynamicMapGeneration problem appears to be solved, except for some minor problems with Safari.
  • On-demand plotting of riometer data from CDF data files.

Review items remaining
  • CDF file format for riometers
  • CDF file format for THEMIS data?
  • Requests for full data. (Leave for now?)
  • Agree on summary image sizes:
    • 64x64 or 128x128 for thumbnails?
    • 64 or 128 pixels high for keograms?
    • should we have only one "do not plot" value in greyscale images? Should it be 255 (white)?
  • Agree on layout for GAIA v2 browser.
  • Integrate new work with current GAIA to produce v2.
  • The status of the Rules of the Road = agree what GAIA v2 should and should not do/provide
  • GAIA v2 database structure

Proposed layout for GAIA v2

  • One window functions as a basic summary browser, like the current Summary Browser A window.
  • A Toolbox button opens a second window where the user can select additional tools (each in their own modular windows), such as:
    • Select instruments geographically, using dynamic maps
    • Select instruments by type, project etc, using menus
    • Request full-resolution data
    • Machine vision tools
    • Deep-links to other sites, such as the LANL SOPA webpages.

MIA Back End - "Get Data"

  • Plug-in module for the GAIA Toolbox - load in seperate window for user input
  • Registration required for certain data sets?
  • Create CDF on the fly and post for download?

Proposed structure

  • User modules must be able to hook into events, such as change of date/time. This is needed so that toolbox windows can update themselves.

Events which toolbox windows may wish to monitor

  • Change of date/time
  • Change of selected instruments
  • Change of palette
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