Feature Wishlist

Features that users and data providers would like to see added to GAIA. Please include your wiki signature when suggesting new features.

Offline browsing mode

Ability to use an offline-version of GAIA to view datasets from a CD/DVD or hard-drive without requiring network access. For more details see OfflineBrowserMode. -- SteveMarple - 13 Apr 2007


Interact with the LANL SOPA web page, similar to how the NORSTAR deep-links already works. -- SteveMarple - 16 Apr 2007

Channel order options

Ability to order datasets by geomagnetic latitude. -- MikkoSyrjaesuo - 10 May 2007

Collected features in GAIA v1.0 that should disappear in v2.0

I got these mostly from Noora and I've added my comments on whether I think the topics are still something to be fixed or not

  • Fix the time-stamp error in thumbnails Done
  • Missing image orientation information wip
    • The information is there and it is shown in keograms (isn't it?) but how about the thumbnails?
  • The order in which the channels from one station are reported varies from day to day Done
    • The new "channel" oriented data organisation allows any type of fixed or variable sorting order
  • Keograms from MSP look like those from imagers. wip
    • Decide what is the best way to inform the user that these data have thumbnails and these don't
  • Some of the MSP data are in colour and some in grey-scale TODO
    • Somebody needs to re-create the MSP summary plots so that the comply with the GAIA v2.0 requirements.
  • The user should be able to choose and sort the stations-instruments-filters (channels) WIP
    • There is already some functionality for choosing and sorting
  • DST+GOES plots are missing the scale i.e. there is a curve with a missing vertical axis label TODO
  • There are days with no data but some stations are listed as if there were data (especially CANOPUS Gillam, e.g. 8 Apr 2001) Done
    • The new database should take care of this problem.
  • It is impossible to browse thumbnails cross day-boundaries Done
    • It was impossible but it is possible now.

-- MikkoSyrjaesuo - 06 Jul 2007


-- Your_Name_Here - ?? Month Year
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