Web Browser Requirements

For web browsers to work with GAIA the following are required:

  • JavaScript (and must be enabled!)
  • XMLHttpRequest.

bubble Cookies may be required for remembering which nodes are offline. GAIA should still operate without cookies but the web browser will need to re-learn which nodes are offline after page refreshes/reloads.

Compatible Browsers

The table below lists brwosers which are known to work with GAIA. If you know of other browsers (or of lower versions) please let us know.

Browser Linux MacOS Windows
Apple Safari choice-no choice-yes choice-yes
Epiphany choice-yes v 2.20.1 or higher choice-no choice-no
Galeon choice-yes choice-no choice-no
Internet Explorer choice-no choice-no choice-yes v6 or higher
Konqueror choice-yes v3.5.2 or higher choice-no wip
Mozilla Firefox choice-yes v1.5 or higher choice-yes v1.5 or higher choice-yes v1.5 or higher
Mozilla Sea Monkey choice-yes choice-yes choice-yes
Opera choice-yes v8 or higher choice-yes v8 or higher choice-yes v8 or higher

bubble We need to state the minimum version required. -- SteveMarple - 31 Jan 2007

Incompatible Browsers

The following browsers will not work with GAIA.

  • Amaya (no JavaScript)
  • Dillo ( no JavaScript)
  • Links (no JavaScript, and no images)
  • Lynx (no JavaScript, and no images)
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